About the Artist

Karin Costa was born in Innsbruck, Austria and spent the first 30 years of her live immersed in the Arts and Music.

She studied Music History and Architecture, as well as worked as a member of the chorus and as a prompter at the opera house in Innsbruck.

Loving to work with her hands, she started making arts and crafts projects early on in her life. Those projects included knitting and crocheting pullovers and sweaters; painting silk scarfs, ties and pillow cases; making and painting venetian masks and mirror frames; engraving glass vases and drinking glass sets, as well as making jewelry and figurines out of polymer clay.

This love continued when she moved to the United States in 1993. Once she got settled in Florida in 2002, she attended the American School of Jewelry in Sunrise Florida, where she graduated as a Jewelry Designer (Gold- and Silversmith) and Certified Bench Jeweler.

While working as an Office Assistant and Teacher at the American School of Jewelry, she started to make custom designed soaps and got back into glass engraving.

About a year ago a friend introduced her to leather work, which she fully embraced. she also never lost her love for polymer clay and knitting/crocheting.

She has many pieces for sale, but she is happy to make custom pieces on request.